Dude your blog is so cool, from your art to the original characters you make to everthing you do! Thanks for your dedication to your blog and mlp! <3 hope this makes your day better!

Agxdjhkgsiruignvorgdfg thank YOU for putting up with my hiatuses and whatnot! Hopefully I’ll be able to resume all my drawing activities soon… I’m glad you like my characters, thank you so much for your support and love, I’ll do my best to not disappoint you! <3


The reason why I’m not updating and livestreaming for patreon is the same behind the blogs! I’m working and studying, and I barely have time for drawing. ._.
Thanks for your patience!


My goodness! Would you look at that! We could be twins! We could probably even switch places and no one would know a thing! Heehee

Nice to meet you, I’m Flower Power!

"I-I think they’d notice…"


How ask tumblr’s answers are made




A little infographic made by me for people who don’t know and are wondering about what happens “behind the scenes”.

If you see any mistake, forgive me: I’m Italian. Instead, help me to correct them.

If you cannot see the image, try this link: http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2014/105/1/2/how_ask_tumblr__s_answers_are_made_by_horuslv-d7ej2f0.png

That’s why is taking so long. But no worries: this blog too will be soon active again! I just need to rearrange my time.

Reblogging because bless you for this and I’ve been pressured a lot to update my blogs lately and I know I’m slow as hell but please try to understand I also have a life and I rarely got any chance to relax lately.

Wesley Edman: Berry, are you and your friends still there?

Strike’s judging you

how dare u.

how dare u.

Right now any amount pledged will get you access to the pictures! The reason I’m doing this is because I’m realising it’s a bit pricy as of now, and every single dollar counts, not to mention the website organization is way overlycomplicated. Please if you’re already my patron remember you can lower your pledge or erase it at any time!

I don't mean to be a butt or anything, but is this still an ask blog? There hasn't really been any, um... "Ask blog posts(?)" or whatever. Its usually just random art now, not that I don't think your art looks really cool, but I am just a little confused about the status of this blog.

This IS still an ask blog. It’s just on hiatus now, just not my highest priority right now. I’ve been running this blog for quite a while, and though it may not seem like it’s a lod of work I do need some fresh air. I fell back with the answers and called asemi-hiatus in favor of Undergrowth Tale, but shit happened in real life and I forgot to make it official with an actual post.
Sorry if I got you confused, I’ll try my best tomake the most out of my blogs, I just need a plan.


Link to the page here! <3

Here’s what I’ve been working on, peeps! A Patreon Campaign!
Please read this message untill the end, I promise I’ll try to keep it short!

What is Patreon?
Patreon is a website where content creators like myself can set up a page and be supported by people who love their work! It’s basically a tip system: I draw stuff and get your tips everytime I upload something!

How does it work?
If you choose to support me, you can create an account and become a Patron. There are different tiers, which means that for different amounts of pledged money you get different rewards. The pledge can be canceled at any time, so no pressure there. You can also set up a maximum amount per month to spend.
For example: if you choose to pledge $1 and set the maximum to say $5 no matter how many pictures I’ll upload in a month, you’ll never pay more than $5.
A friend is helping me create a forum that allows me to keep everything compact and under control, and I’ll start posting stuff as soon as it’s done, which will hopefully be very soon!

Why am I doing this?
Patreon is a very good way to earn some money in an honest way, and doing what I love. And I need money if I intend to move out of Italy anytime soon. As an addition, it’ll be very useful to better my equipment (software, tablet, etc), and the more I’ll draw the better I will get at doing it!
There’s so many of you that if enough you pledge $1 I’ll be able to get on my feet in no time!

What about the blogs then?
The blogs WON’T BE CLOSED!!! They’ll still stay up and running as slow as usual, the only thing that will change will be my art blog: I will only update there pictures that can’t go on Patreon (I won’t post NSFW on it, nor gifts for people). The rest will be devoted to the website, as it wouldn’t be fair to pledgers if what they’re paying for got shared in public.

I hope you all understand the need behind all this, and I hope you choose to support me and my artwork!

If you have any questions please feel free to drop an ask here or on my mod blog, as I’m TIRED AS HELL and I might’ve forgotten something important to talk about.

Thank you for reading this!

— Baka